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News From the Archives

Congratulations to our Aussie 5 man team for winning the World Zone 5 man team event. That makes 2 wins out of 4 trips. 
Great job Michael Buttigieg, David O'Sullivan, Sam Agostino,
Jack Stockdale & Adrian Cousins


2018 Zeljko Bacani Memorial Skeet Championship

Click Here for News Report and results (PDF).

At the recent 2017 NZ titles, the Australian team
won the Glenn Trophy for the 7th year in a row.

L-R: Mal Briggs, Michael Buttigieg, David O’Sullivan, Nathan Campbell and Max Oakley.

The Glenn trophy is an annual skeet event between Australia and New Zealand, conducted at the skeet nationals of both countries on an alternate basis - being odd years in New Zealand and even years in Australia. It is a 50 target team event made up of five members from each country.

Michael Buttigieg won 4 National titles at the 2017 Skeet Nationals, and whilst doing so also smashed the Australian 12g long break record of 565 set in 2000 by Adrian Cousens. Michael shot a new record of 783.

Michael with his trophies

Glenn Clarke and Michael Buttigieg set a new record for the Two Man Team at the 2017 Skeet Nationals.

Their score of 1087/1100 beat last years record by 6 targets!!

Glenn and Michael with the Two Man Team trophy


Sarah Bennett shot a whopping 132 straight in doubles (not out) at Cecil park in April 2017 making her the only Lady to shoot over 100 in skeet doubles!

Sarah thus also added her name to the Grand Slam table for the Doubles Break

Well done Sarah!


Michael shot a break of 225 at the Bairnsdale shoot on 24th-26th March 2017 to break the previous record of 133, shot by Steve Vaccaro in 2014. This broke the previous record by 92 targets.

Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations to both Hayden Mountjoy and Craig O'Neill for setting a new Two person team record of 1081/1100 at the 2016 Nationals .

This beat the previous record by 1 target

Lorraine Hughes Sets New Ladies 12g Long Break Record

Shooting at Toowoomba in April 2017 Lorraine Hughes broke the Australian Ladies Skeet long run with 191 straight, breaking Sarah Bennett's record of 190 shot only last year and breaking Maree Rookes long standing record of 176 set back in 1991.

Well done Lorraine!


2017 Zeljko Bacani Memorial Skeet Championship

Click Here for News Report and results (PDF).

The NSSA knows how to acknowledge success!

Jacqui Durham received, from the NSSA , this Certificate acknowledging her first 20 gauge 100 at the World Championships in USA.

Paul Johnson received, from the NSSA , this pin for 15 years as an active member of the NSSA.

Changes to 2016 Rules

The ACTA have released the 2016 rule book. We note three main rule changes to the skeet section.

1. Time on pad reduced from 15 to 10 seconds to shoot.
2. Glen Trophy team selection for both away and home teams now the same (handicap, commonwealth and 12g - 250 total).
3. National skeet highgun shootoff now to be smallest gauge of programme.

To save any speculation the ASSA had zero input into these amendments.

Aislin Jones takes Gold in ISSF Women's Skeet
at Australia Cup #1 in Sydney.

Aislin Competing

L-R: Laura Coles - Silver, Aislin Jones - Gold, and Amy van Bystervelt - Bronze.
After her recent Silver Medal in January at the Australian National ISSF Championships in Newcastle, Aislin competed in the first Australia Cup for the 2015 competition calendar at the Sydney International Shooting Centre on Saturday in a field of competitors from Australia & New Zealand.

Having turned just 15 less than a fortnight before the event, the majority of her competition in the event was 7-12 years her senior, though one competitor, Suzy Balogh - Athens Olympic Gold Medalist in Women's Trap - has been competing since before Aislin was born. Despite the seniority and experience of her opponents, Aislin went about the task ahead of her in her uniquely calm and quiet but dedicated manner. At no stage did she give any impression that she was under pressure, either in the event, or the finals.

In variable light and overcast conditions, the shooting in round 1 was challenging. Aislin shot 21/25 before equalling her personal best in the second round shooting a very credible 22/25 in the heavy rain as the weather deteriorated.

After coming third in the preliminary rounds with a new personal best total of 62/75 she went into the semi-finals as third placed shooter behind Laura Coles (Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist) on 68/75 and Chloe Tipple (NZ) on 64/75. 

In the semi-final she finished equal second, putting her into a shoot off to determine who would shoot the gold medal match with Laura Coles. Aislin out gunned Amy van Bysterveldt from New Zealand for a place in the ultimate final.

The 16 target gold medal match between Aislin & Laura was another close competition which was thrilling for the assembling crowd - a repeat of the Australian Nationals at Newcastle.

Shot as 8 pairs of crossing targets the sequence in finals differs from the main event to add to the difficulty. Complicating the final further is the introduction of two reverse pairs off stations 3 & 5, which aren't shot in the preliminary event.

Aislin & Laura went station for station shooting the first two stations without a miss, going into the third 8/8 each. After the third station they'd both dropped one target to be 11/12.

All eyes were on the pair and the audience were silent as they shot the final station. Laura Coles dropped a target in each of her final pairs to finish 13/16. Aislin followed and shot both pairs clean to the satisfaction of the onlookers.

Aislin came home to Lakes Entrance with a Gold Medal having beaten a Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 15/16 to 13/16. In her admirable modest way, when asked by others how she'd gone, she replied with her usual, "Oh. Alright I guess." However her potential is revealed in a comment on Facebook by Russell Mark, retired 6 times Australian Olympian and multiple medalist, when he stated simply, "Great result Aislin. You're on your way. 15/16 in the Gold Medal match shows you have the X factor. Enjoy."

Her next domestic event is the South Australian State Titles in American Skeet in Adelaide on Labour Day weekend, and her next international event will be Australia Cup #2 in Brisbane in April.  She is hoping to be accepted in a position on the Australian squad to attend the ISSF Youth Cup at Suhl in Germany in June although it is likely to be self funded, and may be looking for sponsors to help make that possible should she be successful.

Note: Aislin is pronounced Ash-lyn

Australia Wins Five Man Zone Team World Championship!

Our Champion Team - A Team of Champions!
View the Shoot-Off below! (Turn on sound!)

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A Skeet Ninja Production

Acknowledgements from Todd Bender and John Shima

Thank you to the Australian Skeet Shooters Association, for services and support to the sport in Australia. I was informed by Paul Johnston at the World Championships in Texas, that I have been made a Life Member of their organization. I am honored to be recognized by my brothers in the Southern Hemisphere. Good on 'ya, mates! Thank you.

Todd Bender

I would like to thank the Australian Skeet shooting Association in honoring Todd and Me by making us Life membership in their Association .
I am so pleased, and humbled by this honor.
As I have said before, Aussie Skeet shooters have passion for the sport that is to be admired and emulated.

John Shima

Congratulations to member Lorraine Hughes on being named in the NSSA All American Ladies Hon. Mention Team. 
First Aussie Lady to do it !


More Great News for New Zealand Skeet Shooters

NZ Skeet team to USA World Championships

NZ shooters are to be offered the opportunity to travel to USA World Championships to compete as part of an official NZ team travelling squad. This is to be offered (every second year) in the uneven years or the years that the Glenn Trophy Team shoots against Australia in New Zealand.

The qualifying period for the first team to compete at the World Skeet Championships in San Antonio Texas in 2013 will commence from 1 November 2011 and end at the 2012 NZ Skeet Nationals. Shooters wishing to be selected for this team will have to post a minimum of two 25 target North/South scores at Island Provincial and District Championships plus five 100 target scores. Three of these scores will be 100 target North/South qualifying matches. The 2012 Kilwell 100 Target North/South qualifying event and the 100 target National Skeet Championship at the 2012 NZ Skeet Nationals will be compulsory events. The total qualifying score will be out of 550. Tiests will shoot off at the 2012 NZ Skeet Nationals. There will be no entry fee attached to this qualifying event. Shooters may submit as many 25 target scores and 100 target scores as they wish with the highest 2 x 25 scores and 3 x 100 scores to count. Selectors will be Adrienne Sears, Keith Livingstone and Gavin Searle.

This team and selection process is completely separate from the North/South Skeet teams and the Glenn Trophy team. All clubs must send in results for shooters who wish their names to be put forward to the Executive Officer within 14 days of the qualifying event. Scores will be posted on the NZCTA web site.

At conclusion of qualifying period the top 5 scores to be offered the opportunity to be part of the official travelling NZ squad which will compete individually at the USA World NSSA Skeet Championships and will be entered as an official NZ Team in (zone 8) of the Zone- 5 man team event (which is for Canada and any other country). This event is conducted in conjunction with the main 12 gauge 150 target event at the Worlds Championship.

Should individuals chose not to travel then the offer will be made to the next highest individual on the list until such time as a team of five shooters who are prepared to travel are determined.
The NZ team members can also compete in the two and five man team events in the various events as well.

The level of funding for this team will be reviewed from time to time by NZCTA executive but in the first instance a figure of $5000-00 will be allocated, equally split amongst the 5 team members. All other costs of travel, accommodation, ammunition and entry fees will be at shooters own cost. There is no provision or intention for a travelling manager to be part of this team. All arrangements of travel and entry requirements will be up to the individual shooters to complete and co-ordinate. However guidance will be available through the NZCTA National Office.

Team members who qualify in this skeet team will treated as an official NZ team. For the purposes of recognition members will be entitled to wear the official NZ Black fern Blazer.
NZCTA will supply NZ team polo shirts to team members and a quantity of NZ banners for exchange with other country shooters at no cost to the team members. Funding for this event is envisaged would be drawn from the NZCTA DTL/Skeet levy fund.

This event will expose our shooters to this level of competition and can only boost the skill level amongst the pool of NZ skeet shooters we currently have and hopefully develop new benchmarks for our NZ shooters to aspire to. Potentially participation in this event will focus the developing of the skeet shooting fraternity in NZ to a highly competitive level with clear aspirations and goals of achievement.

Recognition for the Australian Skeet Shooters Association!

On Page 1 of the August 2011 issue of Clay Target Shooting News, Robert Nugent, the National President of the ACTA, included the following welcome news in his report to Members:

"The Executive have created a new class of membership with non-voting rights for 'Supporting Associations'. The ASSA (Australian Skeet Shooters Association) is the first organisation to be accepted as a "Supporting Association". The ASSA is an incorporated body with elected officials, and membership of it is dependent on being a member of the ACTA. Their aim is to promote skeet shooting in Australia. The ASSA has offered to help the ACTA with such things as recording Annual Long Breaks, Grand Slams, and other Hall of Fame award scores. They have an excellent website dedicated to the discipline and this will be linked to the Association's. The ACTA see this as a positive move and look forward to future involvement of the ASSA within our sport."