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Air Travel with Firearms
and/or Ammunition

Many shooters may anticipate that security arrangements will make taking a firearm and/or ammunition on a plane too difficult. Not so!

Procedures, applicable to travelling by Qantas/Jetstar, are simple and free of "red-tape". If you wish to use other airlines you will need to determine the procedures required by them.


The movement of firearms and/or ammunition on the Qantas Group network, (Qantas, QantasLink, Jetstar, Cobham and Network Aviation flights) is governed by Qantas Airlines. It is the passenger’s responsibility to apply for any necessary approvals or permits.

Carrying Firearms
Passengers only carrying firearms (no ammunition) do not require operator (airline) approval.
Firearms or parts of firearms are not permitted in the aircraft cabin.
When presented at check-in the firearm must be:

  • unloaded and packed in a suitable case (preferably lockable);
  • declared to airport staff during the check-in process; and
  • accepted as checked baggage only.

    If requested, passengers must be able to produce:

  • a firearms license or its equivalent valid in the country of origin;
  • an Import Permit for the destination country; and
  • an International Visitor Firearm Permit valid in the Australian state of arrival.

Where travel includes both a domestic and international flight, the firearm must be collected at the domestic arrivals Baggage Services desk and re-checked at international departures.

"Passengers travelling with firearms are permitted one (1) additional piece of baggage within their total weight allowance at no charge. E.g. customers travelling with firearms can check in two (2) pieces as long as the total weight of both pieces does not exceed the weight limitation of their ticket.
Please note that spare batteries and/or powerbanks must travel as carry-on baggage only."

Carrying Ammunition
In accordance with dangerous goods regulations, the carriage of ammunition requires operator (airline) approval.
NOTE: A copy of the approval must be carried and presented at check-in.
Qantas Dangerous Goods will issue approval to an individual for the carriage of ammunition on receipt of the following:

  • the passenger’s full name;
  • firearms license number;
  • firearms license expiry date;
  • amount of ammunition (max 5kg* ); and
  • flight details.

For all approval requests or additional information please email

The maximum allowance is 5kg* gross per passenger and the following is applicable:

  • ammunition is not permitted in the aircraft cabin;
  • allowances for more than one passenger cannot be combined;
  • ammunition must be securely packaged - individually separated in a container;
  • ammunition may be packed in checked baggage with other personal items; and
  • there must be no indication on the suitcase to identify the contents.

* NOTE: In accordance with the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000), when travelling to, from or through South Africa, a 200 round restriction is applicable.

Departures from Australia
In addition to the above, passengers must be able to produce an Export Permit (Restricted Goods Permit) when departing the country.

It is the sole responsibility of the passenger travelling to ensure all relevant country specific import/export permits and documentation (including Australia)
are obtained prior to travel.
Some countries can have specific requirements regarding the carriage of firearms and/or ammunition (eg. Dubai and Singapore require a permit to be obtained through the airline prior to departure).
Further information is available on the Qantas Dangerous Goods website:

Click Here for a PDF version of the current Qantas requirements (Feb 19).

Also: There has been an amendment to the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 – Firearms and Weapons. This amendment relaxes some of the requirements for taking your firearms overseas.

Click Here to see how the amendment may affect you.. (PDF file)


You will require an import permit form ATF 6NIA (5330.3D) for your gun and/or ammunition. This permit is issued by the US Department of Justice and may be downloaded direct from the USA.

Click Here for your copy of the required import permit including instruction pages (PDF file).

If you're traveling to the US please allow 6-8 weeks when submitting your ATF form. The completed permit form may be lodged via the ATF Fax no. +1 304-616-4554 or:
email to An email lodgement may get earlier processing