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The Australian Skeet Shooters Association, as the voice of the skeet shooter, conveys to the ACTA the wishes and opinions of rank and file skeet shooters in the long term interest, promotion and enjoyment of the sport.

We encourage all interested persons to submit opinions, articles or any other information that relates to the sport of skeet shooting in Australia that is informative and constructive.

All articles submitted may be published subject to the editor's decision which shall be final.

The Australian Skeet Shooters Association (ASSA) was formed in 1987 to give a voice to the Skeet Shooters of Australia. Many skeet shooters agreed with the concept of representation, and it was also agreed that the best interests of the Australian Skeet Shooter would be served by the ASSA affiliating with the ACTA and become an advisory body to it, on matters relating to the discipline and its own members. All members of the ASSA first must be financial members of the ACTA.

To attract as many as possible, a limited number of 'Founding Life Memberships' were offered, and these were snapped up quickly. Regular memberships however were slow to move so to boost growth, 'Life Memberships' were introduced at a reduced rate.

To promote the discipline of Skeet, ASSA sponsored events were added to major Skeet Carnivals held around the country. 20Gauge events were included and became popular, although the smaller gauge events such as 28g & 410g were not supported as well due to the cost of shells and availability of suitable skeet guns.

The association was growing with a steady financial base, but disaster struck with the collapse of the Pyramid Building Society where the association had secured its funds. After years of fighting Victorian State bureaucracy some funds were recovered, but after such a long battle for money, and its activities curtailed, the association fell into a state of recess.

In mid 1999 the matter of the ASSA was revived and calls for the re-activation of the association were made. During the National Skeet Championships held at the Wagga ACTA National Ground, at 7.00 pm, Friday 19th November, a meeting of attending ASSA members, together with all other interested parties, was called to discuss the matter and decide whether the association be brought out of recession, and to what end its objects should be.

It was agreed that the ASSA should be re-activated and continue to be an advisory body on behalf of all skeet shooters in the ACTA. That a member of the ASSA executive also be appointed to the ACTA to assist in decisions made in the interests of the discipline. Recommendation to the ACTA that some regulations are changed to reflect more closely the rules of the NSSA and additional changes be considered after due evaluation and debate. A standing National Executive was appointed, details of which can be found on the 'Contacts' page of this website.

The overwhelming desire from all those who attended the "revival meeting" at Wagga, was for the security and betterment of skeet shooting in Australia, together with a strong junior development programme.