On the weekend of May 4th and 5th 2013, Melbourne Gun Club once again hosted their annual skeet  shoot, the 2 Day Skeet Bonanza. Shooters from all over Australia turned up to compete in one of the premier  skeet events in the country. With the Skeet Nationals coming up in mid May, the Melbourne Gun Club Skeet  Bonanza has become a "must attend" for many shooters as an awesome lead up to the skeet calendars' biggest  event. With the grounds looking amazing as always and great company around, everyone was abuzz with  anticipation of the two days' great shooting ahead. Saturday the 4th of May dawned quite chilly and with a threat of rain, but the wind held off and conditions for shooting were  quite good. The first event of the weekend was a 50 target trophy, and the bar was set high early with possibles posted  by Laurie Durham, Michael Buttigieg, Glenn Clarke, Benn Baker, Fab Francione, Leigh Roberts and Bill Hine. As there were  no overalls in these events, B grade was comfortable taken by Bill Hine, while the other 50's all shot off for  AA grade. The shoot off was doubles from stations 3, 4, and 5, with Fab, Laurie, Glenn and Benn dropping early. Leigh was  next to go, and Michael Buttigieg was deemed the winner. Shoot off's were also required for A grade, where Pedro Da Silva  came out victorious, and C grade which saw Jake Beveridge take the win.  With the first event concluded, and many shooters already buying Calcutta tickets and talking tactics for their purchases later  that evening, event 2 was under way. Another 50 target trophy, the class of the morning's event continued into the  afternoon with red ink going on the board for Benn Baker, Leigh Roberts, Michael Buttigieg, Mal Briggs, Colin Finn and  Dennis Savage. Colin Finn took A grade unopposed, as did Dennis Savage in B grade, while the other possibles required a  shoot off for AA. Leigh and Mal were first to go, and Michael continued his winning streak when Benn let one go on station 3.  C grade went to Sam Arcuri with no shoot off required.  AA 1st: Michael Buttigieg 60/60 AA 2nd: Benn Baker 59/60 A 1st: Colin Finn 50/50 A 2nd: Peter Finn 55/56 B 1st: Dennis Savage 50/50 B 2nd: John O'Sullivan 47/50 C 1st: Sam Arcuri 44/50 C 2nd: Nancy Badewitz 41/50 Once all of the events for the Saturday were concluded, all of the shooters were treated to an amazing feast and sat in  anticipation for the Calcutta draw and auction to begin! After a final last minute rush for tickets, the drawing began, and soon  all of the shooters had an "owner", and some lucky drawers had a brand new embroidered towel, care of Stephanie Manley.  A quick break for drinks and dessert, and the auction was under way. The bidding was fast and furious until every shooter  and grade had been sold. After a long day with great company, everyone was happy to head home and hope that they had  made a lucky purchase.   The following photos were taken at the Saturday night feast and Calcutta draw - beware of the  candid camera.   Sunday the 5th was again a very cold day that threatened rain. The wind had also picked up and was making for some  interesting targets! The first event was the 50 target Calcutta, and while everyone was hoping to shoot well themselves,  they were also wishing their purchases the best of luck! At the end of the 50 targets, a rarity had occurred, and no shoot off's  were required to decide the winners of the grade. Barry Moss took AA grade with the only 50 (making Sam Arcuri and  Michael Buttigieg very pleased), and Danny Sajn did the same in A grade (The Durham family couldn't have been happier).  Linda Watson picked up B grade with a lovely 49 (The Johnstons had big smiles on their faces), and Jake Beveridge took C  grade with a 44 (His dad Andrew was very proud of his son and his purchase!).  The final event for the weekend was the 50 target doubles. As is customary at most skeet events, the wind hit its peak  for the shoot, and some tough targets were presented to the shooters. This wasn't enough to curb the class though, and  possibles were posted by Michael Buttigieg and Ben Garraway, so a shoot off was required for AA. The shoot off was short  and sweet, and saw Ben Garraway claiming the win. A grade was won outright by Peter Finn with a stellar 49, Linda Watson  continued her form from the earlier event taking B grade with a 45, and C grade was won by Sam Arcuri with a 38.  AA 1st: Ben Garraway 54/54 AA 2nd: Michael Buttigieg 53/54 A 1st: Peter Finn 49/50 A 2nd: Bruce Baker 49/54 B 1st: Linda Watson 45/50 B 2nd: Dennis Savage 43/50 C 1st: Sam Arcuri 38/50 C 2nd: Greg Miller 37/50 At the conclusion of all the events, the only thing left to decide was the high guns. With the high guns decided, the Melbourne Gun Club Skeet Bonanza had come to an end. Firstly, I would like to send a huge congratulations to all of the highgun winners, and  everyone else who won over the weekend.   A massive thank you must go to the Melbourne Gun Club and everyone who helped out,  particularly Paul Johnston, Laurie Durham, Leonie Johnston and Roger Esplin for once again putting on a fantastic shoot.  Thank you must also go to Christine Durham, who ran the scoreboard, Sheralyn and Georgia for their tireless work in the  office, the ASSA webmaster Ivan Spiller for keeping our webpage up to date with programs and reports, Stephanie Manley for  her wonderful photos and towels, the trappers, all the kitchen staff and everyone who worked behind the bar.  Thanks also to all of the people who helped with putting on the feast Saturday night, particularly Leonie Johnston, Christine  Durham, Stephanie Manley, Tania Farish, Selina Briggs, Carmel Pearson, Tina White and Jacqui Wemyss for their salads,  serving skills and the big clean up after. Also to Jim Turner and Frank Santoro for the delicious meat they cooked.  Without the help of Tayla Johnston, who spent Saturday selling raffle tickets, Trevor O'Connell for printing the tickets, Mal  Briggs for organising the new Calcutta board, Paul Johnston and Judy Lafferty the Calcutta could not have been such a  success so a big thank you to them and anyone else who helped out. As always, a massive thank you must go to the sponsors; Brendan Pearson, Mal Briggs, Justin Hayden, Fab Francione, Ben  Garraway, Paul and Leonie Johnston, The Durham Family, The Elder Family, The Lagos Family, Bill Hine, Barry Moss and  Technology Core Pty. Ltd. The extra sponsorship that has been put into this event is just amazing for not only the Bonanza  but for skeet shooting in general, and it's really fantastic to see so many people getting behind their sport.  Finally, the biggest thank you goes to all of the shooters, especially the travelers, for making the 2013 Melbourne Gun Club  Skeet Bonanza a fantastic weekend and a huge success. By Jacqui Durham. Once again, a huge “thank you” to Jacqui Durham for preparing yet another detailed report of a major skeet  shoot. Jacqui is one of the few members who know and understand that News pages can survive only if input is  provided. Thank you Jacqui for the time and effort.  Ivan Spiller  Webmaster   
The Melbourne Gun Club 2013 Skeet Bonanza May 4th to 5th Report By Jacqui Durham Click on Photos to enlarge
AA 1st Michael Buttigieg 70/70 AA 2nd: Leigh Roberts 69/70 A 1st: Pedro Da Silva 57/58 A 2nd: Kate Light 56/58 B 1st: Bill Hine 50/50 B 2nd: Bob Thorne 51/52 C 1st: Jake Beveridge 47/54 C 2nd: Nancy Badewitz 45/54
AA 1st: Barry Moss 50/50 AA 2nd: Steve Vaccaro 61/62 A 1st: Danny Sajn 50/50 A 2nd: Christian Lagos 53/54 B 1st: Linda Watson 49/50 B 2nd: Dennis Savage 60/62 C 1st: Jake Beveridge 44/50 C 2nd: Sam Arcuri 45/54
The Overall high gun went unopposed to Michael Buttigieg on the amazing  score of 199/200. The best score ever posted at this event, Michael showed  awesome skill all weekend and continues to show that he is a true champion  in Australian Skeet shooting.  The AA grade high gun went to Mal Briggs with a score of 197/200. As always,  Mal was very consistent throughout the shoot and shot extremely well under  pressure.  The A grade high gun went to Danny Sajn on 186/200. Danny's shooting  continues to improve and he put in a very solid effort over the whole  weekend. The B grade high gun went to Dennis Savage with a score of 187/200. It's  great to see Dennis well and back on the skeet field showing that he is still a  fierce contender. The C grade high gun was won by Sam Arcuri on 167/200. Sam is new to  skeet shooting and clearly showed his potential at this event.  The Ladies high gun went to Lorraine Hughes on 191/200. As always,  Lorraine had a fabulous shoot and continues to show her ability in the sport.  The Junior high gun was won by Eddy Elder with a score of 187/200. Eddy's  recent great form continued into this event where he proved that his is a  name we'll all be hearing for a long time. The Veteran's high gun went to Robert Albon on 185/200. Robert is a  consistent performer who once again showed a few of the younger shooters  how to play!