2014 Southern Cross Skeet Carnival         Canberra International Clay Target Club    19th - 20th April 2014     Report By John Pethybridge
Saturday 19th.   EVENT 1.  50 TARGET GRADED CASH DIVIDE =1st AA: Adrian Cousens, Mark Corbett, David O’Sullivan 49/50 1st A:  Robert Thorne  47/50, 2nd A: Mark Kolstad  46/50 =1st B:  John Pethybridge, Steve Balogh 44/50 1st C:  Julie Freeman 44/50,  2nd C:  Nigel Jones 41/50 EVENT 2.  50 TARGET SKEET HANDICAP 1st: Davis O’Sullivan 88/88 2nd: John Plethybridge 81/88 3rd: Mark Corbett 74/75 4th: Julie Freeman 63/75 EVENT 3.  50 TARGET 25 PAIR SKEET DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP  Overall:  David O’Sullivan 48/50 1st AA:  Mark Corbett 45/50,  2nd AA:  Adrian Cousens  44/50 1st A:  Colin Sim  42/50,  2nd A: Mark Kolstad  40/50 1st B:  John Plethybridge  42/50,  2nd B: Matt Dwyer  38/50 1st C:  Nancy Badewitz  38/50,  2nd C:  Julie Freeman  35/50 Sunday 20th EVENT 4.  100TARGET SOUTHERN CROSS AMERICAN SKEET CHAMPIONSHIP Overall:  David O'Sullivan  99/100 1st AA:  Adrian Cousens  97/100,  2nd AA:  Mark Corbett  93/100 1st A:  Colin Sim  94/100,  2nd A:  Gerry Petruska  93/100 1st B:  Mark Kolstad  101/114,  2nd B:  John Pethybridge  100/114 1st C:  Julie Freeman  79/100,  2nd C:  Nigel Jones  77/100 OVERALL HIGH GUNS OVERALL: David O'Sullivan  246/250 David received the LADY SOUTHERN CROSS SOLID CRYSTAL GLASS TROPHY AA:  Mark Corbett  237/250 A:   Colin Sim   223/250 B:   John Pethybridge   220/250 C:   Julie Freeman    199/250 Ladies:  Nancy Badewitz   187/250 Veterans:  Adrian Cousens   236/250
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This carnival commemorates the loss of the LADY SOUTHERN CROSS a Lockheed Altair 8E  Special aircraft. The world's greatest aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and co-pilot John  Thompson "Tommy" Pethybridge lost on the 8th November 1935 while trying to complete a  record braking flight from England to Australia off Aye Island in the Gulf of Martaban, Myanmar  formally known as Burma.  
O/A High Guns: AA Mark Corbett, O/A David O'Sullivan, B John Pethybridge, A Colin Sim, C Julie Freeman Gerry Petruska: 2nd A Event 4 Colin Sim: 1st A doubles, 1st A 100 target Southern Cross, O/A A high gun Doubles: Vice President Garry Betar with 1st AA Mark Corbett, O/A David O'sullivan Handicap Winners: 4th Julie Freeman, 3rd Mark Corbett, 2nd John Pethybridge, 1st David O'Sullivan Nancy Badewitz: 1st C Event 3, O/A Ladies High Gun Adrian Cousens: 1st AA Event1, 2nd AA Event 3, 1st AA Event 4, O/A Veterans Doubles: 1st C Nancy Badewitz, 2nd C Julie Freeman
I would like to thank our sponsors Safari Firearms and late Alan Sohier Family very much appreciated for there support.  Thank You to the shooters for making the effort to travel and support Skeet. Also a big thank you for the shooters who helped  me pack away after the completion of the carnival. Finally thank you CICTC staff who help run this carnival - Garry Betar &  John Kearns in the office, Jennifer Betar, Christine Pethybridge & Ann Rae in the kitchen. Matt Dwyer, Robert Thorne, Mark  Kolstad and his two young friends plus advice from Adrian Cousens.  John Pethybridge 
Mark Kolstad: 1st B Event 4 David O'Sullivan : O/A 100 target Event 4, O/A High Gun. David O'Sullivan with O/A Lady Southern Cross Perpetual Trophy