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2018 Victorian State Skeet Carnival 12g results added to "International Teams".
2018 Caboolture NSSA500 Carnival details added to "Coming Events" (Members only).

Long Breaks for 2018
The following scores are the current standings for long breaks achieved in 2018 for the specified events. Any shooter who has bettered these scores may register his/her score for the appropriate long break to qualify for the award at the annual Hall-of-Fame presentations.

Any claim for the yearly long break record must be confirmed by the Secretary of the Club, at which the break was achieved, supported by a signed score sheet (and shoot-off sheet if applicable) submitted via email to or by Fax to 03 9717 3213.

A shooter has until the 31st January 2019 to submit a qualifying score shot during 2018.

Current Standings 2018

12 Gauge Long Break

Paul Saliba - 287
Shot at:
Vic. State Titles

20 Gauge Long Break

Paul Saliba - 104
Shot at:
Vic. State Titles

Doubles Long Break

Jack Stockdale - 58
Shot at:
Vic. State Titles

Grand Slam Awards
The "Grand Slam" is the career achievement of a 12 Gauge 200 break; a 20 Gauge 100 break and a Doubles 100 break. A table has been created showing those shooters who have achieved and confirmed a grand slam leg. The successful achievement of all three legs will result in a Grand Slam award presented at the annual ACTA Hall-of-Fame presentations. The current "Grand Slam" table can be viewed HERE

The full criteria can be viewed HERE.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our members, the committee has again decided that your association will be offering members, at each State Skeet Carnival,  a $100 cash prize to the  AA, A, B, and C high guns of these carnivals.

State Carnivals eligible for the 2018 year are  - VIC.,  W.A.,  S.A.,  NT,  N.S.W,  TAS,  QLD.

The overall highgun is not included in this programme as this is normally handled by the relevant state body.

Next eligible event is the 2018 WA Titles.

Winners in 2018

Victorian State Carnival - Congratulations to Paul Saliba and James Sacchetta for picking up the $100 ASSA Highgun prize for 'AA' & 'B' at the Vic State Skeet Carnival.

WA State Carnival-

This programme is open only to current financial members of the ASSA  prior to the second last day of competition at each State Carnival.

Join your Association now and benefit from your membership!

Shane Bennett
President ASSA

If you are not a member yet, don't miss out on the chance to reap the rewards at the Skeet Carnivals in 2017.

C'mon Skeet Shooters- Membership is open to ALL grades - Join now and help promote skeet shooting. Please refer to the "Membership" page.